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Welcome to GT Kitchen

GT Kitchen is the essential feel and taste of spices, with in-depth flavours from each and every ingredient, specially put together for your taste buds. GT Kitchen gains its inspiration from the heart of Guyana to neighbouring islands of the Caribbean. Vitalising and freshly prepared food, cooked daily for you, simply to satisfy your palette and comfort your Soul. We are a brand new Guyanese traditional cuisine that caters for all types of events and parties.

Our Services

Here at GT Kitchen we pride ourselves on a 5 star service satifying our customers with not only a great tasting meal but a speedy service. GT kitchen received a 5 star hygiene rating.

Healthy Foods

Here at GT Kitchen we care about your health. Not only does our food taste good but we use the very best ingredients! We also cater for vegans.

Fastest Delivery

During the lockdown we are providing a swift delivery service bringing the food to your doorstep ASAP.

Original Recipes

Shh it's a secret! You won't be able to replicate the taste as we have our own secret recipe which makes our food irresitible!

Chef's Favourites

Here are a select of our chefs favourites dishes and desserts

Curry Crab & Roti

Crab cooked in our delicous curry sauce seved with roti skins

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Chicken Curry

Chicken seasoned in GT Kitchen green seasoning and curried potatoes

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Sponge Cake

Fancy a treat? Tickle your sweet tooth with our delicous sponge cake

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Beef Chow Mein

Chow mein boiled and stir fried with beef and vegetables

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Fried Bake

Try out delicous fried bake to pair with saltfish, pumpkin or by itself!

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Spicy fried duck

Duck seasoned in
Gt kitchen green saesoning and curried dried

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Our Menu

"Food that will put a smile on your face"

Tuna Steak

Curried and fried with a sprinkle of coriander


Curried and fried with a sprinkle of coriander

Beef Steak & Rice

Vegatable fried rice seved with beef steak


Flour, coconut, coronation milk & GT Kitchen spices

Spicy Fried chicken

Made with our special seasoning


Made with flour, cherries, raisins and spices

Lentil with basmati rice, pumkin and spinach

A savoury meal made with GT kitchen seasoning

Lamb Soup

With cassava, plantain, sweet potato. Cooked in coconut milk.

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